Freddy Moran, Quilting in the Garden Exhibition at Alden Lane Nursery

Quilting in the Garden 2015. Quilts by Freddy Moran.

The Plaid Portico

Out Livermore way here in Northern California, Alden Lane Nursery puts on an annual event called “Quilting in the Garden”. It really is spectacular, with quilts hanging from trees amidst all the nursery flora.

This year Freddy Moran was the guest artist with 100 of her quilts on display. No, that is not a typo. She had 100 quilts on display. A renowned quilt artist, teacher and author, Freddy is also known for her vibrant color palette, and “red is a neutral” mantra.

My favorite thing though is when Freddy grabs my arm, looks me straight in the eye and says “do whatever you want Carol”. I am not alone. I understand that for decades Freddy has been encouraging people to let go of anything standing in the way of their creative voices when making their quilts. “Just do it”!

Here we’ll share some shots of the event so you can get…

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